HA combined cycle in US targets 63% efficiency

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GE and Caithness Energy have announced an agreement, which could exceed $1bn, for the development of multiple new HA combined-cycle power plants in the US.

As per the exclusive agreement, upon signing, GE will deliver up to six high-efficiency HA gas turbines, six steam turbines, six heat recovery steam generators and other equipment which are together known as the power island, for Caithness Energy’s power plants.

The deal is expected to be effective from 31 March while the Caithness’ power projects plants are scheduled to be developed throughout 2017 and 2018.

Caithness Energy president Les Gelber said: “We’re currently working to bring a new HA plant on line in Pennsylvania in 2018, and with this exclusive agreement Caithness will become the owner of the largest fleet of HA gas turbines – GE’s most efficient turbine - anywhere in the world.”


GE plans to manufacture the HA gas turbines for Caithness at its facility in Greenville, South Carolina, US and the steam turbines at its facility in Schenectady, New York, US.

Additionally, GE plans to sign multi-year service agreements for the maintenance and operations of the equipment at the power plants.

GE said that it’s HA technology, which is planned to be delivered to Caithness, will offer more than 63% of net plant efficiency on a standard condition basis.

Said to be GE’s largest and most efficient gas turbine, the HA technology is capable of delivering full power to the grid within 30 minutes.