GE South Carolina Center Upgrade

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$5 million investment into aeroderivative manufacturing

GE is investing $5 million into a second manufacturing location for GE’s TM 2500 and LM2500XPRESS aeroderivative units in its existing Global Technology Center in Greenville, South Carolina. Aeroderivative turbine technology has compact size, lighter weight, and quick start capability. It is useful for balancing in power grids.

Clive Nickolay, CEO of GE Gas Power’s Aeroderivative Business says, “Our Center in Greenville has been a key industrial and talent hub for GE over the last five decades. The trust in our team combined with shop capabilities and prior experience with LMS100 Aero units are key reasons we chose Greenville for this expansion.”


The site, expected to add up to 25 skilled employees, will adopt lean methodologies: two new lean lines will be created to begin manufacturing aeroderivative units from the fourth quarter of 2022.