GE Renewable Energy to Upgrade Pumped Hydropower Plant in Poland

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The modernization project aims to extend the facility's lifespan and help stabilize the country's grid.

GE Renewable Energy has secured a contract with PGE Odnawialna S.A. to replace the four 125 MW pumped turbines and generators at the Porabka Zar pumped hydro storage plant in Poland. The rehabilitation project seeks to extend the hydropower plant's lifespan by several decades by fully replacing the over 40-year-old turbines with new, efficient, and reliable pumped turbines and motor generators.

Pascal Radue, President and CEO of GE's Hydro Solutions, said, "This rehabilitation project is the first large-scale rehabilitation project of its kind in Poland in 40 years. We are delighted to be part of it and support PGE Odnawialna S.A. in this upgrade process. This demonstrates that Poland makes every effort to achieve the Net Zero goal by 2050. This new equipment will help increase the flexibility and reliability of the plant and consequently stabilize the grid in the country."

GE Hydro Solutions will oversee the design, manufacturing, and supply of the new equipment, as well as the excitation and governing systems. GE will also supervise the installation and commissioning of the four new units. The project's unique aspect is that GE Hydro Solutions will replace the existing stay rings and stay vanes with new ones specifically designed for Porabka Zar. Due to the limited workspace, the technology used, as well as the cutting and welding processes, will be tailored to this project.


Porabka Zar has an installed capacity of 500 MW and contributes to power generation in the country, offering crucial ancillary services to the Polish electricity system. The four units are anticipated to commence commercial operation in early 2028.