GE Taking Nexus Controls

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New company would develop Mark VIe controls system platform

GE Gas Power wants Nexus Controls from Baker Hughes. If the deal goes through, Nexus will work on GE’s Mark Vle controls systems platform, addressing customers in the power generation space.

Controls are crucial to a power plant’s operational strategy and needed for reliable and efficient performance across its lifecycle.

Nexus Controls complements existing Mark Vle systems, software design capability, and fulfillment focus.Baker Hughes uses GE’s Mark Vie controls products in their Oil & Gas fleet, acting as exclusive distributor and service provider.


GE’s plan is to continue developing its Mark VIe controls product line as well as other related products. They will also lead the sales, project execution, manufacturing, and servicing of control systems globally for Gas Power.

Benefits of Nexus Controls being taken under GE’s umbrella are controls consistency and efficiency across both new and serviced units, as well as a single lifecycle strategy for development and support of their unit or fleet’s controls strategy.

The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2023. Financial details of the deal are undisclosed.