GE to continue servicing Olkiluoto nuclear plant

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GE has been selected by Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) to continue providing maintenance services at the Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant in Finland for the duration of the plant’s OL1 and OL2 reactor's lifetime. The agreement will cover maintenance and services on the plant’s two steam turbines and generators to help ensure reliable operation of the facility through 2038. Additionally, GE Steam Power will manufacture and install a GTD water-cooled generator rotor to help extend the generator’s operating life and support capacity increases.

Under the agreement, GE will perform yearly planned maintenance inspections on the steam turbine and generator, as well as engineering and on-site outage support. The new generator is scheduled to be delivered and installed in 2023 during the plant’s annual outage.

GE’s local team has been supporting the Olkiluoto plant since it was first started in 1978, and with service agreements since 2000. The plant’s two first reactor's capacity has increased by more than 30% since the project was first commissioned in 1979 to keep pace with Finland’s growing power needs. Today it is generating 1,760MW of CO2-free power – enough for 16% of the country’s population—and supporting the country’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035.


In Finland, beyond Olkiluoto, GE is also supplying the conventional island for the Hanhikivi Nuclear Power Plant to deliver an additional 1,200MW of CO2-free energy for future Finnish electricity needs. This is equipped with GE’s Arabelle steam turbine which represents six decades of nuclear steam turbine expertise and is the most powerful turbine in the world by output.