GE to supply 48 MW aeroderivative services to Turkey’s Bis Enerji

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GE announced recently it would supply a 48-megawatt (MW) LM6000-PC Sprint aeroderivative gas turbine and related services to Turkey's independent power producer Bis Enerji Elektrik Uretim AS for its expansion. This is an attractive solution offering high output power, 10-minute start-up capabilities, best-in-class reliability, highly efficient operation, low emissions and fuel-flexibility.


The new LM6000-PC Sprint unit and an associated steam turbine-generator will increase the plant's installed capacity from 410 MW to 495 MW, or enough to power approximately 200,000 more Turkish households, when it enters commercial operation in August 2012.

The plant currently has six GE aeroderivative gas turbines, one GE 6B heavy-duty gas turbine and two GE steam turbines, with all gas turbines fueled by natural gas. Without upgrading or replacing its existing power plants, Turkey will face a serious energy shortage. Yet the country's diverse mix of economic activities and growing energy demands cannot be met with a single fuel or technology.