GE to supply 7HA.02 gas turbines to Korea’s GS Power

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General Electric (GE), an infrastructure and technology firm, will supply gas and steam turbines to Korea’s GS Power, a private electricity and heating generator. The U.S.-based firm said recently GS Power will use its 7HA.02 gas turbine and associated clutched steam turbine for GS's new combined-cycle power plant in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province.


When equipped with the new gas turbine, the plant is expected to generate 935 MW of power in combined-cycle mode, the output needed to power 900,000 Korean homes. GE's 7HA.02 gas turbine, said to be the most-efficient 60-hertz gas turbine, achieves more than 61 percent efficiency in full power mode. In district heating mode, it achieves more than 91 percent efficiency, GE said.

GE Power & Water CEO Vic Abate said the company’s HA technology is flexible “to help serve very specific needs ― like district heating in Korea ― around the world.” GS Power vice president Kim Eung-hwan said that GE's 7HA technology has the largest steam exhaust energy output in the world, which will help the company maximize its district heating needs in Anyang. "This output is a huge advantage for our customers, especially as we use this technology to replace the 23-year-old aging plant."