GE to supply Alstom technology steam turbines to China

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GE has signed contracts with Huaneng Power International (HPI) and China Power International Development Limited (CPI International) for two steam turbine generator units respectively at Taihang Power Plant and Dabieshan Power Plant phase II project.

The two deals further demonstrate the strategic rationale of the Alstom acquisition is paying off, allowing GE to sell more equipment to power plant customers by offering newly acquired Alstom turbines and generators.

GE will deliver two ultra-supercritical steam turbines coupled with two turbo generators to Taihang Power Plant that will each produce 660 megawatts (MW) of power. Located in North China’s Shanxi Province, the 1,320 MW of new electricity will meet the energy needs of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei areas and boost economic development in the region. The units are scheduled for delivery by the end of 2017.

GE has a long-term cooperative relationship with HPI that dates back more than a decade and includes supplying steam turbines and generators for Pingliang II Power and tower boilers for Luoyuan Power Plant.


GE also will deliver two 660-MW ultra-supercritical steam turbines generators units to Dabieshan Power Plant phase II project. As one of the backbone power providers in China’s Hubei Province, the project will help satisfy the ever increasing local power needs and further enhance the reliability of local power grid. The units are scheduled for delivery by mid-2017.

In 2008, GE successfully provided equipment to the first phase of Dabieshan power plant with excellent performance. CPI International and GE have previously partnered on many important energy projects in China.

GE’s manufacturing base in Beijing is a leading steam turbine and generator manufacturing site in China. It designs and builds GE steam turbines and turbo generators for the Chinese market as well as the rest of the world. It has the manufacturing capacity for steam turbines and generators with a capacity of 600/660 MW to 1,000 MW.