GE to supply nine turbines to wind projects in Ontario

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Turbine manufacturer GE will soon supply turbines to 9 new wind power projects in the Canadian province of Ontario. The turbines will deliver a combined capacity of 650MW to the Canadian grid, taking GE’s total capacity in Canada to 1.2 GW by 2015. The order highlights the speed at which Canada’s wind market is developing, particularly in Ontario, where renewables-friendly legislation has boosted investment.


Ontario’s Green Energy Act, passed in 2009, introduced generous feed-in tariff rates for clean energy development. As a result, Ontario currently accounts for nearly a third of Canada’s total wind energy development, which has increased tenfold in the past six years.

This development has primarily been driven by the need for provincial Government to meet the rising energy demand, reduce the environmental impact of electricity generation, as well as stimulating rural and industrial economic development. According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association, this rapid growth rate will continue, with electricity production from wind power tripling over the next five years.