GE to supply turbines for 785MW Connecticut project

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Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) has ordered two GE 7HA.01 gas turbines and the associated engineered equipment package from GE Power for a 785 MW CPV Towantic project in Connecticut. CPV worked with GE Energy Financial Services to secure financing from 16 lenders for the approximately $753 million project.

CPV Towantic will be powered by two of GE’s 7HA.01 gas turbines with a steam turbine and associated generators. The combined cycle plant is expected to provide the power needed to supply approximately 800,000 US homes. Primarily fueled by natural gas, the plant will also use ultra-low sulfur distillate as a backup fuel.


Originally approved in 1999 as a 512 MW project, CPV Towantic got delayed due to market conditions. CPV entered into a partnership with GE Energy Financial Services in 2012 to advance the project. In 2014, with New England’s grid operator (ISO-New England) announcing the retirement of approximately 10% of the region’s total electric generating capacity, a door opened for CPV Towantic. Gemma Power Systems has been chosen the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor to oversee the project's construction.