GE Vernova Premieres Documentary Miniseries Examining Gas Technology in Energy Transition

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The miniseries "Powering Tomorrow", launched by GE Vernova, offers an in-depth look at the evolving role of gas in the sustainable energy landscape.

GE Vernova recently premiered a three-part documentary miniseries entitled "Powering Tomorrow" on their website. Clips have also been posted to their YouTube channel - "GE Vernova". The series delves into the evolving role of gas technologies in the global energy transition.

Each installment of "Powering Tomorrow" explores a critical facet of gas's contribution to decarbonization efforts in the power sector. The series illustrates how gas power technologies can promote significant shifts away from coal-fired power, operate on low-to-zero carbon fuels such as hydrogen, and facilitate post-combustion carbon capture and sequestration. Furthermore, it outlines how gas technologies enhance grid resilience and spinning reserve capacity, bolstering renewable energy support. The documentary also posits that these gas technologies could further reduce emissions in the near future.


"Powering Tomorrow" features the narratives of nine distinct individuals engaged in the development and application of these innovative technologies. It offers a detailed examination of how sustainable, affordable, and reliable electricity derived from such technologies plays an instrumental role in these individuals' lives and, by extension, our lives.

The three-part documentary series comprises the following:

  • "Coal-To-Gas Switching": This film scrutinizes the role of gas in facilitating Vietnam's swift transition from coal-fired power to renewable and gas power.
  • "Hydrogen Fuels": This segment delves into the potential of hydrogen as a transformative energy source for both trucking and power generation in Australia.
  • "Carbon Capture": This installment travels to Norway, profiling three individuals at the forefront of Carbon Capture research and development.