GE Vernova to Install SmartSignal Software

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SmartSignal is a predictive analytics software that will minimize equipment downtime by detecting, diagnosing, forecasting, and preventing upcoming failures in petrochemical assets.

GE Vernova will integrate its SmartSignal predictive analytics software into the asset performance management (APM) program used by Saudi Arabia’s National Industrialization Company (TASNEE). SmartSignal can help industrial companies prevent equipment downtime by detecting, diagnosing, and forecasting emerging failures. TASNEE will use this software, and the rest of its APM program, to increase operational efficiency, reliability, and sustainability across its industrial operations in the country.

"We are thrilled to be part of TASNEE’s journey toward a more digitally resilient future," said Linda Rae, General Manager of GE Vernova’s Power Generation and Oil & Gas software business. "Our predictive analytics solutions are designed to empower organizations like TASNEE with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions, optimize asset performance, and ultimately achieve their business objectives.”

TASNEE is the first petrochemical business in the Persian Gulf to use SmartSignal within its current APM workflow. GE Vernova’s APM suite includes the Reliability application and contains advanced capabilities in predicting asset performance and maintenance requirements. With SmartSignal integration, TASNEE can manage its critical assets, optimize maintenance schedules, and reduce unplanned downtime.


"Embracing digital transformation is imperative for our industry's evolution, and our collaboration with GE Vernova signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation," said Sultan Al Hazmi, Reliability Superintendent at TASNEE. "GE Vernova's predictive analytics software will play a pivotal role in our holistic APM strategy, providing us with actionable insights to enhance asset performance, reduce operational risks, and drive sustainable growth.”

GE Vernova’s advanced analytics platform merges data-supported insights and machine learning algorithms to allow companies, such as TASNEE, to replace reactive maintenance operations with a proactive and predictive approach. SmartSignal has the capability to maximize asset lifespan and, as a result, may contribute to increased overall productivity for TASNEE’s petrochemical operations.

GE Vernova also secured a five-year service agreement for the Shuaiba North power station in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait, which includes the integration of its APM software in the cloud. APM software enables the power station to increase its levels of predictive maintenance for gas turbines and associated equipment. APM Reliability, powered by GE Vernova’s predictive analytics, can improve asset reliability, availability, and productivity to support long-term energy security needs.

“We expect that the services and digital technologies provided by the GE Vernova team will help increase the efficiency and improve performance of the plant, which is crucial in powering Kuwait reliably,” said Ir. Muhammad Nazri Bin Pazil, Chairman of TNB REMACO BOD.

Digital Twins in the Real World discusses how a digital twin, a core component of APM, can improve maintenance and plant efficiency by providing a digital representation of an intended or real-world product, system, or process. A case study of GE Digital’s Predix platform at Aluminum Bahrain (Alba) demonstrates these capabilities.

The Predix software platform ran a digital twin of an HA gas turbine using data from an HA running at a power plant in Bouchain, France, as well as numerous simulations to show how the turbines would react to the different situations. This demonstrated that if the turbines shut down, the effect on Bahrain's national grid should be minimal. Alba moved ahead with an order for three 9HA turbines as well as three GE steam turbines and three HRSGs.