GE Vernova Upgrades 9F.03 Gas Turbines at Kuwait Power Plant

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Advanced gas path upgrades were installed on four 9F.03 class gas turbines at the Sabiya power plant, adding power to the Kuwait grid without using additional fuel.

Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy has announced that GE Vernova completed the upgrades of four 9F.03 gas turbines at the 2 GW Sabiya combined-cycle power plant. The upgrades are part of a broader strategy by the Ministry to modernize the power generation infrastructure in Kuwait. GE Vernova’s upgrades are expected to increase the power plant’s block output by up to 6.3% and reduce heat rate by as much as 1.8%, which will lead to a combined increase in power production of up to 70 MW.

“In line with our commitment to supporting the country’s efforts to boost power generation capacity, Alghanim International continues to reach out to the latest innovative technologies in cooperation with OEMs,” said Jihad Saade of Alghanim International. “GE Vernova helped us ensure that the Ministry of Electricity & Water & Renewable Energy power plants are performing at their best. The successful implementation of these upgrades demonstrates the commitment of Alghanim International towards Kuwait’s energy sector and our aim to support the Ministry in its efforts of maintaining Kuwait leadership position in the region.


The increase in efficiency and output will produce more power without increasing fuel consumption and associated CO2 emissions. Gas turbine upgrades were completed as part of a service agreement between Alghanim International and GE Vernova—the goal was to boost power production, increase the time between planned maintenance cycles, drive fuel efficacy, and reduce costs, as well as CO2 emissions per MW of power generated.

Per the service agreement, GE Vernova provided advanced gas path (AGP) upgrades for the 9F.03 turbines in blocks 2 and 3 of the Sabiya plant. In addition to AGP installments, GE Vernova will provide supply and maintenance services for seven years. The AGP upgrades will deliver more fuel efficient, reliable power output to meet Kuwait’s electricity demand during peak seasons.

The Sabiya power station is located in Al Jahra, approximately 52 km away from Kuwait City, and has a total of six GE Vernova 9F.03 gas turbines and three D11 steam turbines. Prior to this upgrade, GE Vernova had completed the upgrades of two gas turbines in Sabiya’s block 1. The upgrade increased the output by up to 6%, leading to a combined increase in power production of more than 35 MW without needing extra fuel.

“With a proven track-record of delivering long-term services contracts in the State of Kuwait, we are proud of this strategic collaboration with the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy and Alghanim International that has enabled us to provide responsive, flexible, and efficient power solutions to help meet the country’s growing energy needs,” said Joseph Anis, President & CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa of GE Vernova’s Gas Power business. “In line with the country’s strategic plans, the upgrades at the Sabiya Power Plant underscore our proven ability in delivering our advanced technology for reliable power supply across the nation.”