GE’s 6F gas turbines to supply 200MW power to Bangladesh

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GE has signed a contract recently to supply two 6F gas turbine-generators that will produce nearly 200 MW of power to supplement Bangladesh’s power generation capacity. China Chengda Engineering, an international engineering corporation, will install the gas turbines at a gas-based combined-cycle power plant at Bhola, operated by the Bangladesh government.

GE’s 6F gas turbine will be the first advanced F-class gas turbine-generator installed in Bangladesh in this MW range. Expected to start up by 2015, the new power plant will help Bangladesh increase its electricity supply by delivering power with high efficiency, availability, reliability and low emissions.


More than 150 6F gas turbines have been selected by customers worldwide. The 6F is known for its high efficiency, mid-size fit and robustness to deliver reliable electricity in remote areas, heat to municipalities and steam to industries. GE’s fleet of 6F turbines has accumulated more than 4 million operating hours.

In 2013, GE has won contracts to supply gas turbines that together will produce 900 MW of power to expand Bangladesh’s power generation capacity. In addition to the 6F gas turbines for the Bhola power plant, GE received orders to supply 9F gas turbines for two power plants in Siddirganj and Bibiyana, Bangladesh. The new power plants support the government’s objective to increase the country’s electricity capacity from 8 to 20 GW in the next six to eight years.

Featuring a compact layout, fuel flexibility and strategic configuration options, the 6F gas turbine is a mid-sized choice for combined cycle or cogeneration for 100-300 MW power blocks. Engineered for 50- or 60-Hz applications, GE's durable 6F gas turbine is said to deliver power with high efficiency, availability and reliability, coupled with low emissions and low life-cycle costs.