GE’s aeroderivative gas turbines to power Nigeria’s Port Harcourt refinery

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General Electric (GE) has completed the supply and installation of three 25 MW, trailer-mounted, TM2500+ aeroderivative gas turbines to generate uninterrupted power at the Port Harcourt refinery in Nigeria. The supply was made through Genesis Electricity Limited, an independent power producer.

The installation of the mobile gas turbines is expected to help Nigeria to overcome grid outages and return to full capacity for refining. The present outages have reduced the refinery’s output to 30 percent of its total maximum capacity of 210,000 barrels per day.


Base load and backup power

Genesis Electricity Limited signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with NNPC in November 2013 for the installation of GE’s TM2500+ units at the refinery. The TM2500+ gas turbines will provide both the base load and backup power to support refinery operations. The agreement also includes the future modernization of Nigeria’s other two refineries.

GE took the project to financial closure by working with all stakeholders and partners to structure the project’s equity. George Njenga, GE’s Distributed Power Leader for sub Saharan Africa said, “Our TM2500+ technology’s high-power density and compact footprint make it the perfect solution to address Port Harcourt Refining Company’s fast ramp-up, on-site power requirements while also ensuring the refinery’s long-term viability.”

Akinwole Omoboriowo, CEO of Genesis Electricity Limited said GE’s TM2500+ gas turbine technology would help Nigeria successfully return the Port Harcourt refinery to full service as quickly as possible. GE’s TM2500+ gas turbine can be used to provide utilities with a “baseload bridge” to support permanent power installations; backup power to support natural disaster relief efforts; or for plant shutdowns or equipment maintenance. The fuel-flexible system can use either natural gas or liquid-distillate.