GE’s first 6F.01 gas turbine completes first fire

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GE and Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. Ltd. jointly announced the successful first fire of GE 6F.01 gas turbine, the first global application for the turbine model.

The milestone follows several months of installation and commissioning work for the Huaneng Guilin Distributed Energy Project, which will supply power to seven major industries across Guilin, China, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and tech industries as well provide heating and cooling to surrounding public, commercial, and residential areas.

The project is the first ever gas power project for the city of Guilin and the largest gas power project for the province of Guangxi. In addition, it is also the first-ever distributed energy project managed by China Huaneng Group.

Featuring a combined cooling, heating, and power configuration, the three higher-efficiency 6F.01 gas turbine units have the capacity to achieve fuel efficiency of 81.15% and a total installed generating capacity of 210 MW.


Gas distributed energy projects are capable of generating peak power on demand.

GE won the bid of providing three gas turbines for the project in 2014. The turbine adopts multi-stage compressor induction guide vanes used in GE’s 9HA gas turbine technology for enhanced compressor efficiency. The latest 6F.01 gas turbines have also leveraged Advanced Gas Path and combustion materials from 9F.05 and H-level gas turbines, allowing them to withstand higher combustion temperatures.

Under 1x1 cogeneration configuration, the 6F.01 can reach a power generation efficiency of nearly 55.7%.