GLE Initiates Carbon Capture Engineering at Marquis Industrial Complex

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Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. (GLE) commences engineering work on a carbon capture and sequestration project at the Marquis Industrial Complex in Illinois. The project aims to effectively capture and store CO2 emissions using advanced equipment and methodologies at the world's largest dry grind ethanol plant.

GLE has begun the engineering on a major carbon capture and sequestration project for Marquis Carbon Capture at the Marquis Industrial Complex that houses the largest dry grind ethanol plant in the world. CO2 will be captured from the facility, compressed, dehydrated, and injected into an on-site well for permanent underground storage, all located within the Marquis Industrial complex.

Located on the Mt. Simon geological formation, the Marquis Industrial Complex has the capacity to store over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide using carbon capture technology.

Once constructed, the project will be the largest operational BECCS (Bio-Energy Carbon Capture and Storage) project in the state of Illinois, permanently sequestering 1,200,000 tons/year of CO2.


Gas Liquids Engineering is a Canadian engineering service provider for energy and processing facilities, having experience in operational CO2 and acid gas sequestration projects. The company has been involved in solvent-based extraction of CO2, CO2 compression, CO2 pipelines, and as a developer of CO2 dehydration technology.

Marquis deals with biofuel production. The Marquis Industrial Complex is located in Hennepin, Illinois aims to become a carbon-neutral industrial complex. Today Marquis is the largest dry-mill ethanol facility in the world, producing 400 million gallons annually.