GT orders report for 2018: GE still overall leader, Mitsubishi leads in large machines

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Mitsubishi J-class[/caption]

GE leads overall in gas turbine orders for power generation in 2018 but fell to second place behind Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in orders for bigger, advanced machines, according to Reuters citing McCoy Power Reports.

Mitsubishi captured 41% of the orders last year for turbines that can produce 100 MW or more, compared with 28% for GE and 25% for Siemens. As far as orders for bigger and more advanced gas turbines were concerned, Mitsubishi bagged nearly half of all the orders placed in 2018, 34% went to GE and 16% to Siemens. For the older F-class gas turbines, GE led with 33% of orders by capacity, MHPS had 31% and Siemens had 26%.


MHPS market performance in post F-class was driven by the J-Series gas turbine and its claimed 64+% efficiency. “Twenty years ago, we made a bet that efficient and flexible natural gas power generation, in combination with renewables,would displace more carbon intensive and expensive forms of power generation. We are now seeing that bet play out before our eyes. We have great respect for our competitors, and this makes our accomplishment even

more rewarding," said Kenji Ando, President & CEO of MHPS.