GT13E2 starts up in China

Published on: 

The latest GT13E2 gas turbine has been successfully synchronized to the grid in open cycle mode at the Shenzhen Nantian Electric Power Company’s combined cycle power plant in Guangdong Province, China. The new unit will run alongside a GT13E2 installed at Nantian in 1995. As part of the deal Alstom also has a long term service agreement with Nantian covering three maintenance cycles for both GT13E2 units. The plant in combined-cycle mode is scheduled to enter commercial operation in April 2014.


Based close to the centre of Shenzhen city, Nantian is the security power supply point for the area, making this a key project. By choosing Alstom’s flagship E-Class machine - with its depth peak load regulation capacity and unique fast frequency response - Nantian has demonstrated its confidence in the machine to safely and consistently power the local grid. 

The gas turbine and associated generator set was supplied through a contract with Alstom’s long-term partner Harbin Turbine Co., Ltd, and joins more than 160 GT13E2 units sold into the worldwide conventional class turbine fleet. This partnership has previously seen Alstom win orders including two GT13E2 gas turbine generator sets for Huaneng Power International’s (HPI) Suzhou combined heat and power plant, and two sets of GT13E2 gas turbines for HPI’s Tongxiang plant in Zhejiang province.