Gas turbine symposium to focus on clean combustion like hydrogen burning

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Gas Turbine Energy Systems play an important role in production of clean energy for mechanical drive, heat and electricity.  GTEN is a network of industry members who since 1974 have provided expertise pertaining to these systems  (formerly ' IAGT ').

As part of this, gas turbine and waste heat systems fueled by H2-based natural gas fuel can provide clean, reliable and efficient sources of power and heat for oil & gas, LNG, industrial and utility energy applications.  Future clean energy opportunities can be linked around renewables and complementary gas turbine systems.  The upcoming GTEN Symposium will describe several examples and solutions in training modules and technical papers;

-  New Gas Turbine Units, Upgrades and Applications

-  System Efficiency, Cogeneration & Combined Cycles

-  Environmental Solutions & Regulations

-  Gas Turbine Operations, Repair & Support


GTEN Symposium: Call for Papers

October  21-23, 2019      Banff AB, Canada     

Abstracts due in March 2019

Please contact Tracy Collins at;