Hankison modernizes HPR and HPRN Series of refrigerated compressed air dryers

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Hankison, a brand of SPX FLOW, has streamlined the HPR and HPRN refrigerated compressed air dryers to offer flow rates of 5 – 1200 scfm (17 to 2040 m3/h). The updated range consists of the HPR5/10 – HPR50, providing 5/10 – 50 scfm; and the HPRN75 – HPRN1200, providing 75 –1200 scfm. The range also meets growing customer demand for low voltage compressor room ready refrigerated compressed air dryers, capable of 5 scfm – 150 scfm in 115 voltage, single phase power; and 200 scfm – 1200 scfm in 460 voltage, three phase power.

The expanded line-up enables compressed air customers to treat a greater range of air flows in more readily available industrial voltages, provided for by the majority of compressor room electrical infrastructures.

The new HPR and HPRN Series provide optimal dewpoint performance at 0% - 100% load. As a result, the Hankison HPR and HPRN series of refrigerated air dryers achieve moisture removal to ISO 8573-1: 2010 Air Quality Class 4 to 5 pressure dew points and are certified for quality and safety to UL1995/CSA 22.2 No. 236-95.


The Hankison HPR and HPRN Series of refrigerated air dryers also have an updated user interface providing more instrumentation and control for at-a-glance readings, and the ability to conduct drain maintenance directly from the control panel, reducing maintenance time by 80 percent on average.