HEI releases 1st edition of Standards for Air Cooled Condensers

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The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) recently released the first edition of Standards for Air Cooled Condensers. The Standard offers technical information from the combined expertise of the members of the HEI Air Cooled Condenser Section and includes typical purchaser requirements. HEI Standards are used throughout the world for the design, manufacture, and operation of HEI scope equipment.

In addition, the standard outlines the important design criteria for air cooled condensers and provides practical information on nomenclature, dimensions, testing, and performance.


HEI concentrates its efforts on manufacturing and engineering aspects of steam surface condensers, air cooled condensers, closed feed water heaters, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam jet ejectors, and de-aerators.

For further information about the HEI or to purchase a copy of Standards for Air Cooled Condensers for $550.00 U.S., please contact the HEI office by telephone at 216-241-7333, via e-mail at hei@heatexchange.org or by visiting the HEI web site at www.heatexchange.org