Howden Waste Project Compressors

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KA turbocompressors to water reclamation plant in Singapore

Howden Waste Project Compressors

KA turbocompressors delivered to water reclamation plant in Singapore


Howden is working with the Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (WRP) Project to supply twenty-four KA blower packages to treat domestic used water. Howden’s KA turbocompressors will support the Tuas WRP within the Tuas Nexus – Singapore’s first integrated water and solid waste treatment facility. Howden’s technology will back biosorption, the bioreactor, and the membrane bioreactor.

Howden supplies blowers, compressors, and digital solutions for smart aeration systems. With a reliable aeration system, overall energy expenditure during the wastewater treatment process is optimized. Howden’s blowers and compressors enhance the management of effluent from municipal sewage systems and from many industrial processes where liquid organic effluents are created.