Hunting PLC Enters Agreement with CRA-Tubulars BV

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By beginning this collaboration, the partners hope to utilize tubing technology for CCUS applications in North America.

Engineering group Hunting PLC has entered into a collaboration agreement with CRA-Tubulars BV, aiming to develop energy transition market opportunities in North America.

“Together, we will deliver value to our customers through solutions and service. Our combined efforts will lead to industry advancement," said Joost DeBakker, CEO of CRA-Tubulars.

Hunting will have access to CRA's titanium composite tubing (TCT) technology and will use its oil country tubular goods (OCTG) connection technology for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), and corrosion-resistant OCTG applications.

CRA has developed tubular technology for the upstream oil and gas industry, aimed at facilitating CO2 sequestration projects. TCT is intended for use in production and injection wells in corrosive environments. The collaboration aims to offer benefits to the North American CCUS industry.

CRA's TCT technology is composed of carbon fiber and titanium and is designed to resist carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide corrosion. It can function in the cryogenic low-temperature conditions found in CO2 injection wells.


Hunting's collaboration agreement with CRA will last for an initial five-year period, granting exclusive rights for TCT marketing, distribution, and manufacturing in North America for oil, gas, and CCUS market applications.

Under the agreement, CRA will provide Hunting with its TCT technology. Hunting will offer the option to deploy this tubing solution with conventional OCTG premium connection technology, including Hunting’s SEAL-LOCK connections. Hunting will pursue commercial development and trials of TCT. Hunting is an independent supplier of OCTG connection technology.

“CRA’s technology has potential in the CCUS industry. Combining Hunting’s OCTG, titanium alloy products and connection technology with CRA's tubular solution could address issues in CO2 storage well design construction," said Jim Johnson, Chief Executive of Hunting.

Sean O’Shea, Hunting’s Director of Energy Transition, added, "We aim to create synergy in the market with CRA-Tubulars. By aligning our marketing efforts, we hope to serve our customers and contribute to the CCUS industry."