Hydrogen Power Tangibility

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New equipment in heating power plant runs up to 100 percent hydrogen

EnBW and Siemens Energy are using hydrogen in future power plants. One pilot project is the EnBW district heating power plant in Stuttgart-Münster, Germany, where natural gas is expected to initially replace coal in approximately three years.

Two SGT-800 gas turbines from Siemens Energy drive the installation. The two turbines each have an output of 62 MW and a downstream waste heat recovery system. They are replacing three coal-fired boilers on-site.

“The fuel switch from coal to gas in Münster is an important building-block that will allow us to continue to have sufficient power generating capacity in the coming years,” says EnBW Managing Board Member Georg Stamatelopo­ulos.


“We can’t yet reliably predict when green hydrogen will be available in sufficient quantity and at affordable prices,” EnBW Managing Board Member Georg Stamatelopoulos explained: “But the technology should be in place by that time.”