Iberdrola Engineering to build 674MW combined cycle plant in Salem, MA

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Footprint Power of Bridgewater, New Jersey has hired Iberdrola USA’s sister company, Iberdrola Engineering and Construction to build a 674MW combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) electric generating plant in Salem, Massachusetts.

(The CCGT plant will incorporate FlexEfficiency)


Situated about 17 miles northeast of Boston, the Salem Harbor CCGT plant will be able to supply electricity to more than 600,000 homes while lowering regional greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Salem Harbor plant will incorporate FlexEfficiency, a total-plant approach developed by General Electric (GE).

Iberdrola Engineering will build the new facility on a small portion of a 65-acre waterfront site now occupied by the decommissioned coal-and-oil-fired Salem Harbor Station generating plant. Iberdrola Engineering will be responsible for the engineering, construction, commissioning, and site work for the new facility.

Iberdrola Engineering designed "good neighbor" features into the facility to reduce sound levels and limit its visual impact. The much smaller footprint of the gas plant is expected to open up a large parcel of waterfront property for future recreation, retail and commercial development. The company plans to employ workers from local companies during the estimated 30-month construction period.

Bob Kump, chief corporate officer of Iberdrola USA said, “With new EPA carbon emission rules on the horizon, this new, quick-start combined-cycle plant will provide much needed low-emission power for New England. This plant will also provide critical balancing services to supplement the growing renewable generation fleet.”

Iberdrola has worked with GE on generation projects in Qatar, Lithuania, Algeria, Kenya and Germany.