IDTechEx 2022-33 AM Report

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Industry set to surpass $41 Billion by 2033

The 3D printing technologies industry is taking a more critical examination of the value that additive manufacturing brings to businesses and supply chains. IDTechEx forecasts that 3D printing will surpass $41 billion by 2033.

In examining thirty individual 3D printing technologies and five major material categories, IDTechEx finds a continuous theme between these important aspects of the industry: expansion.

3D printing hardware: expanding through new technologies and players

New entrants with their own unique innovations on 3D printing are popping up every year. New technologies, which span polymer, metal, electronics, ceramics, construction, and composite 3D printing, offer different advantages and disadvantages to incumbents. Parallel to these new technologies are more incremental improvements in established processes.


The broader 3D printing ecosystem: materials, software, post-processing, and services

Taking place in tandem with the expansion and improvement of the 3D printing hardware portfolio is the growth of the broader 3D printing ecosystem, including materials, post-processing, software, and services. In addition, the software, scanners, and services sector of 3D printing is introducing new offerings to simplify the adoption of additive manufacturing by end-users.

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