Lighter disc couplings for turbomachinery equipment

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Kop-Flex's new High Performance Disc Coupling 2.0 is a lighter, second-generation design aligned to the torque requirements of turbomachinery equipment. Introduced and exhibited at the Turbomachinery show in booth 2111, the new disc couplings are said to be 15-30% lighter than previous generations and other competitive designs.

A Kop-Flex disc coupling[/caption]

Engineering optimization of the disc pack, hardware and components is said to have achieved reduction in weight and stress concentrations in the assembly, while conforming to API 6714th Ed. requirements. In addition, the range of 22 sizes is apt for established English and metric shaft sizes to allow selection of the smallest, lightest coupling needed for an application's torque requirement and service factor.

Two reduced-moment styles are available: the standard RZS and thefull featured RMS,which includes interlocking flanges for additional safety in the event of torque overload. The minimum nominal bore capacityfor both RMS and RZS models is 1.6" (~40mm) to 8.5" (~ 210mm), with maximum continuous torque ratings of 12,000 lb-in to 1,880,000 lb-in (1.36 - 212 kNm) for both designs. Maximum speeds for both models range from 7,900 rpm for the largest coupling to 34,300 rpm for the smallest.


Julian Del Campo, Regal Senior Product Specialist said the new disc coupling is "an evolutionary design developed using refined classical stress calculations and advanced finite element analysis."

"The FEA model used 26 million degrees of freedom and required more than 500 days of problem solving during the process. Starting with individual components, the structural complexity of the model was increased incrementally until a full coupling model was created and validated. The new disc-pack geometry improves the stress distribution and reduces reaction loads on the equipment. The lighter coupling and increased range of sizes allow us tomatch common customer shaft sizes and decrease the use of high-cost titanium parts. The HPD 2.0 design allows selection of the lightest, smallest-diameter coupling that meets torque and API requirements, providing the best fit for a wide range of applications."

Kop-Flex disc couplings have provided over 100 million hours of reliable operation. Hubs, sleeves and spacers are heat-treated 4340 steel, while the flexible elements are a series of corrosion-resistant, high-strength, stainless steel discs coated with Koplon. Optional coupling features include Powerlign Torquemeters, lateral and torsional tuning, electrical insulation and shear spacer sections.

Kop-Flex also provides lifecycle engineering services for customer fleets, as well as repair, rebuilding and recertification of its products.