Independent introduces controls upgrade for LM6000

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Wood Group GTS has released its newest control system upgrade for GE LM6000 gas turbines. This integrated solution replaces the original proprietary hardware and software with an open architecture design, enabling operators to reconfigure turbines operation in-house without incurring costly support and service charges. It also ensures the availability of support for the LM6000 turbine control system.

Features of Wood Group GTS' LM6000 control system include:

    --  Open architecture system design

    --  Proven Rockwell

 Automation PlantPAx platform

    --  Operator access to all software licenses


    --  Extensive technical and spare-parts support network

More than 1,000 GE LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbines have been shipped since the unit was introduced in 1991. Its rapid acceptance by the power industry means a significant percentage of the fleet will require controls-related support over the next three to five years.

Frank Avery of Wood Group GTS explained: "As an experienced operator of LM6000s we understand the challenges other users face. Our unique perspective as both gas turbine operator and controls system specialist has enabled development of a flexible and robust upgrade solution to meet this emerging need."

To date Wood Group GTS has completed over 500 installations using Rockwell 

Automation technology.