Industry Insights: The 2023 WTUI Conference

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The 2023 Western Turbine Users, Inc. (WTUI) conference offers a valuable opportunity to be part of the latest developments in power generation innovation and education.

From March 12-15, 2023, in the coastal city of San Diego, California, Western Turbine Users, Inc. (WTUI) is holding an important event for the turbomachinery and power generation industries. The WTUI conference and exhibition, which planted its roots back in 1990, aims to support and cover the latest happenings in the aeroderivative turbine power generation industry. The organization is committed to the growth and development of power professionals, power plant workers, students, and suppliers of equipment and parts. This is the first in-person get-together for the group since 2019.

Overall, it has a commitment to educating and training individuals involved in the power generation sector. The conference is regarded in the industry for its peer meet-and-networking opportunities; its insights into operational and maintenance issues affecting power generation plants; and its updates on the ever-changing regulations, policies, safety standards, and best practices. It’s headed by a board of directors and management team composed of leading experts in the field.

Turbomachinery International is covering this event and is providing detailed technical session overviews, alongside a longer more general show report in the next issue of the magazine. The major, most critical sessions that will see coverage are Firm Dispatchable Clean Power, hosted by Industrom Power, Increasing Turbine Plant Performance by 10% Through Wet Fogging, hosted by ProEnergy, and Gas Turbine SCR (selective catalytic reduction), hosted by Cormetech. We have boots on the ground to ensure only the most accurate, significant, and comprehensive information is communicated. We hope you’re looking forward to reading our reports on this event and associated sessions this week.


Industrom Power works on geothermal water heat recovery process solutions with gas turbines. Their focus is on enhancing sustainable and renewable sources of energy, enabling a reduction in carbon footprint from fossil fuel use.

ProEnergy provides solutions for addressing peaking power issues. They specialize in the use of aeroderivative gas turbine units.

Cormetech specializes in SCR technology, which focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of gas turbines. SCR is a process that captures NOx, and decomposes them into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.