Inflation Reduction Act Bolsters Clean Energy, Job Creation at Arcosa, Prompts Presidential Visit

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President Biden’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act enabled Arcosa to receive $1.1 billion of wind tower orders to be manufactured and shipped from the visited site in Belen, NM.

Arcosa’s recently built wind tower manufacturing facility in Belen, NM hosted President Joe Biden for a tour of the site. In March 2023, Arcosa said it planned to invest nearly $60 million into the Belen manufacturing plant, including the purchasing and modification of the existing plant, with support from incentives from local and state governments. President Biden’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) enables Arcosa to fulfill orders for wind turbines in excess of $1.1 billion.

“Since I signed the [IRA] into law, Arcosa has received $1.1 billion of orders for new wind towers, and today we are here breaking ground on a new plant that is going to create 250 new good paying jobs,” said President Biden. “And meanwhile we are speeding up permitting for new transmissions lines so that wind energy produced by these towers reaches people’s homes.”

Arcosa provided a timeline for turbine production that estimates large-scale manufacture to begin midway through 2024. The plant is tasked with meeting an extensive backlog through 2028 for its Belen plant site.


“Arcosa is proud to have hosted President Biden at today’s event,” said Antonio Carrillo, Arcosa’s President and CEO. “This new plant demonstrates the expected long-term positive impact of the Inflation Reduction Act that is driving the transition to clean energy and job creation. When completed the Belen plant will produce wind towers to meet the growing demand for renewable energy.”

Roger Martella, Vice President of GE Vernova Government Affairs and Sustainability, said: “The IRA and IIJA have been game changers, and the Arcosa facility in Belen is an early proof point of this success. We congratulate our partners at Arcosa, and we value our 18-year partnership building clean energy and jobs together. When America innovates, the world wins, starting here in Belen.”