ION Clean Energy to Test ICE-31 Solvent at Technology Centre Mongstad

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Technology Centre Mongstad welcomes ION Clean Energy to its facility for the testing of ICE-31’s stability and degradation.

ION Clean Energy (ION) has entered an agreement to bring its ICE-31 solvent technology to be validated at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM), a carbon-capture test facility, to assess the product’s performance through parametric and steady-state testing to demonstrate the solvent’s stability and minimal degradation.

"TCM is a testing ground for carbon capture technologies, and we're excited to return and further prove the performance of ICE-31," said ION Chief Technology Officer, Erik Meuleman, Ph.D. "We're excited to get back to Norway and continue our efforts to deploy ICE-31 commercially as we all work towards a shared goal of net-zero carbon emissions."


The joint initiative assists ION’s commercial development program in taking the ICE-31 solvent’s technology readiness level (TRL) from TRL 6 to TRL 7, pending the success of validation testing. Upon ClearSign’s successful testing of the ICE-31 solvent, financial risk will have been mitigated due to the product’s performance within the upscaled validation parameters at TCM. In addition to ensuring the performance of ICE-31, the agreement between ION and TCM will enable the collection of process data to further verify the technology.

TCM can demonstrate the efficacy of these technologies so that an appropriate TRL rating may be applied. ION’s ICE-31 testing is set to begin in October of this year and span four months.