Kawasaki to Deliver Steam Turbine Generation for Ulsan Plant

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South Korea’s Hanwha Impact Corporation has placed an order for an 8 MW steam turbine set for installation at the Ulsan recovery plant.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) has received an order for a singular 8 MW-class steam turbine generator set through the company’s financial division—Kawasaki Trading. The steam turbine order was placed by South Korea’s Hanwha Impact Corporation (Hanwha) for installation and operation at its Ulsan recovery plant.


KHI will manufacture the generator set, including the primary steam turbine component, at the Kobe Works facility, after which the company will conduct its installation and provide commissioning assistance onsite at the Ulsan plant.

This steam turbine generator set will replace an older model delivered by Kawasaki in 1987, which had been utilized for captive power generation by Hanwha. Power generated by the steam turbine unit will be consumed within the plant and heat will be managed for energy savings and CO2 emissions reduction.