Kawasaki to Demonstrate Suiso Platform for Digital Hydrogen Distribution, Trading

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In April of this year, Kawasaki Heavy Industries will conduct demonstration tests for its Suiso Platform, which enables centralized hydrogen distribution management and trading.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) plans to begin demonstration tests in April of this year for the Suiso Platform, which is a digital management system that the company has developed to enable centralized hydrogen distribution management and support hydrogen trading domestically and internationally.

Hydrogen trading is expected to increase on a global scale and, as a result, the management of information including hydrogen production, distribution routes, and emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) will become more complex. To address this use, KHI is building a digital platform and planning related services for hydrogen suppliers, business operators, and hydrogen users with the goal of offering efficient centralized management of data and the supply chain information.


Tracking this data will ensure traceability for low-carbon hydrogen, visualize complex hydrogen distribution, and facilitate concise hydrogen trading. KHI also plans to launch four additional services and expand its service offerings to meet market demand. The four services will support hydrogen trading, low-carbon hydrogen certification applications, assessment and management of GHG emissions and carbon intensity, and ensure traceability through the digital management of attribute information.

KHI has already completed the Suiso Platform’s basic design and will verify the effectiveness of the services during demonstration tests for the geothermal origin Hydrogen SC project in Oita, Japan. The testing will enable the identification of system issues and functional improvements, facilitating the overall development of the system’s design. The design and development of the platform is expected to be completed before 2025 and will launch for commercial use around 2028.

The Suiso Platform is intended to accelerate the establishment of a hydrogen market environment and promote trading of low-carbon hydrogen, while quickening the large-scale deployment of low-carbon hydrogen.