Kistler 8763B Accelerometer Improvements

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Lower noise thresholds lead to improved accuracy

The 8763B now features a significantly lower noise threshold for all its ranges: a 58-percent lower noise threshold for its 100-g range, 37 percent for the 250-g range, 52 percent for the 500-g range, 54 percent for the 1000-g range and 51 percent for the sensor’s highest range of 2000 g. With these improvements sensor 8763B becomes even more suitable for applications such as modal analysis, frequency response measurement, and e-motor testing.


Measuring micro-vibrations is necessary in many engineering applications; accurate GPS data depends on stable space crafts and satellites, while automobile developers need noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) testing to optimize their products. Because micro-vibrations occur in the micro-g range, a highly sensitive measuring chain with very low noise is required for such applications.