New high-temperature accelerometer for gas turbines

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Kistler has developed a high temperature accelerometer for the monitoring of gas turbines. Designed for long-term use at up to 700°C, the piezoelectric sensor – made in Switzerland – is not pyroelectric and is claimed to prevent popcorn effect. This stands in contrast to ceramic measuring elements, offering gas turbine manufacturers new options for monitoring combustion stability.

The efficient and secure operation of gas turbines relies upon stable combustion processes. These have to comply with increasingly strict regulations, including flexible operation on different fuels and minimal emissions.

At the same time, there is an associated risk of unstable combustion processes and pressure pulsations. Reliable and continuous monitoring systems are required to monitor and control these combustion processes.


The new high temperature accelerometer from Kistler is designed for permanent operation with a lifespan of three to five years at temperatures up to 700°C.