Kistler Wireless Piezoelectric RCD

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First wireless rotary cutting dynamometer with a piezoelectric sensor

Kistler is offering a wireless rotary cutting dynamometer (RCD) with a piezoelectric sensor. It allows for accurate measurements of cutting forces in machining applications. It’s all on a new platform which performs automated analyses, increasing the efficiency of working processes.


The wireless RCD from Kistler is equipped with a piezoelectric sensor and connected via wireless technology to the data acquisition device. It comes with four channel piezo crystals to measure torque as well as forces in all three directions (Fx, Fy, Fz). The wireless technology has a range up to five meters. It has a 10 kHz sampling rate which can capture footprints of the measurement in applications up to 16,000 RPM.

The new PTS (Piezo Tool System) software automatically acquires and analyzes machining data while the machine is running. Users gain insight into the condition of the cutting tool as the software provides automatic signal trend analysis. This will improve the efficiency of testing in laboratories and research centers.