KP Engineering performs fluid catalytic cracking waste heat boiler replacement at Oklahoma refinery

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KP Engineering will perform a Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) waste heat boiler replacement at a refinery in Oklahoma. The refinery’s existing carbon monoxide (CO) boiler was approaching the end of its useful life. Within the scope of the FCC Steam Reliability Project, KPE will design and install a new waste heat boiler (FCC flue gas cooler), orifice chamber and flue gas slide valve with associated refractory lined ductwork, piping, structures and instrumentation. The existing CO boiler will be removed from service and replaced with a waste heat boiler (WHB).

The project offers a unique set of challenges, requiring sound engineering design of the WHB to minimize erosion due to catalyst carryover and sand blast scoring in the duct to minimize tube failures. The WHB is a critical piece of equipment for normal, continuous operation of an FCC unit. The front-end engineering (FEL) 3 phase of the project will be completed in November 2020.


Oklahoma refinery, September 2020.[/caption]