KROHNE IFC 400 Electromagnetic Flow Converter

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IFC 400 aids in the detection of external and process influences, fortifying safety applications.

KROHNE, a player in the development and supply of industrial process instrumentation solutions, introduces its IFC 400 electromagnetic flow converter. When combined with KROHNE's OPTIFLUX 4000, the duo becomes the OPTIFLUX 4400 electromagnetic flowmeter, a device designed for prolonged and precise measurements.

The IFC 400 is engineered to identify external factors like excessive vibrations, extreme temperatures, and magnetic field effects. Furthermore, it is equipped to discern process-related influences, such as chemical interactions and high sedimentation levels in the fluid.

This IFC is incorporated with a three-fold self-diagnostic function. This feature aids in spotting leakages, contamination, liner deformities, and air entrainment in the process liquid through its process measurement check. The device function self-check enables continuous monitoring of electronics and sensor hardware. Lastly, the out-of-spec testing identifies sudden, unexplained flow alterations, linearity concerns, and measurement uncertainties.

The device is available in two variants: a compact version (IFC 400 C) and a field-mounted version (IFC 400 F). Each version boasts an aluminum casing that can be either wall or rack-mounted. In terms of advanced requirements, the product encompasses extensive diagnostics, as dictated by NE 107 standards, and holds both ATEX and IECEx certifications.


The 4-wire IFC 400 supports a wide array of outputs. It offers 4…20 mA analog outputs and discrete outputs such as frequency, pulse, and status. Its digital outputs are compatible with the HART 7 protocol.

Once paired with KROHNE’s OPTIFLUX 4000 flow sensor, the combination evolves into the SIL2/3 certified OPTIFLUX 4400 electromagnetic flowmeter. This pairing is particularly suited for safety instrumented systems (SIS) and applications that demand high precision.

KROHNE designs, produces, and distributes measuring instruments for the process industries.