LJUNGSTRÖM Completes Purchase of Flue Acid Gas Mitigation Technology

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Developed by AECOM, the SBS/HBS flue gas acid mitigation technology removes SO3 to improve the operation of plant and equipment.

LJUNGSTRÖM has announced the acquisition of AECOM’s SBS/HBS flue gas acid mitigation technology, allowing the company to fulfill its goal to deliver flue gas management and support to global customers. The implementation of SBS/HBS technology can maximize the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of customer operations by removing SO3 from the flue gas.

The acquisition of SBS/HBS technology enables LJUNGSTRÖM to offer its injection products on a global scale, supporting acid gas reduction for industries in which the management of flue acid gases are required for environmental compliance. In addition to adhering to environmental guidelines, acid gas mitigation technology can improve the operation of plant and equipment.


AECOM’s acid gas mitigation system removes sulfuric acid mist (SAM) emissions by injecting a clear solution into the flue gas stream. Integration of a clear solution eliminates the risk of solids plugging the injection system, which may cause poor performance, unscheduled downtime, and extended maintenance.

"In addition to our traditional flue gas heat recovery solutions business, we are diversifying rapidly our environmental solutions offerings to include flue gas acid gas reduction, offshore wind fabrication, and carbon capture solutions," said Randy Mossing, CEO, LJUNGSTRӦM. "We are thrilled to expand our portfolio with this technology and remain committed to supporting our customers with engineered product and service solutions that create a positive environmental impact."