Lone Star GC Compressors

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Series includes comprehensive control system

The GC Series Centrifugal Compressor is an offering from Houston-based Lone Star which offers a competitive solution for operators.

The line has both standard and custom engineered compressors and controls. They are energy efficient, featuring an aerodynamic minimal loss design. The tilt pad force lubricated bearings promise over thirty years of life. Variable inlet, discharge guide vanes, and speed control are present. The impellers are made up of 5-axis machines 17-4PH stainless steel, titanium, or Inconel. It hosts a horizontally split gear box and can run with oil-free process air or gas.


A 5-axis milled backward leaning blade has optimized aero-matching through the whole flow path. The gear system is low noise, high precision and follows AGMA 6011/API practices. It’s compliant to DIN3961 Q4/Q5 (AGMA 2000 13/12) with an individually replaceable pinion and bull gear. It has a thrust collar design. The tilting pad pinion journal bearing can handle high load capacities with minimal mechanical losses.

On the control side is the sLOC Control Panel, providing control, monitoring, and protection. It’s designed, built, and programmed in-house in a UL508A panel shop. There are options for Phoenix Contact, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, and other PLC systems. All panel components feature a lifetime warranty standard.