Louisiana's Clean-Energy Complex to Deploy MAN Compressor Technology

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MAN Energy Solutions is collaborating with Air Products for air-separation unit compressors in a blue ammonia and hydrogen production plant.

Air Products has engaged MAN Energy Solutions for the provision of six air-compressor trains. These will be used in an air-separation unit at the Clean Energy Complex in Darrow, Louisiana. The complex is designed to generate over 750 million standard cubic feet of blue hydrogen daily, which will be distributed to Air Products’ clients. In addition, the facility will produce blue ammonia for global hydrogen markets, including transportation and mobility sectors. The complex is projected to capture and permanently store approximately 95% of its CO2 emissions, equivalent to over 5 million tons annually.

As part of its agreement with Air Products, MAN Energy Solutions will provide two main air-compressor trains, each equipped with a single-shaft compressor type RIKT 160-3, two booster air-compressor trains with an integrally geared compressor type RG 63-6, and two gaseous nitrogen compressor trains, each with an integrally geared compressor type RG 45-5. All compressor trains will be powered by electricity.

“We are thrilled to work with Air Products on this forward-looking project. This order reinforces our commitment to support our customers on their journey toward a sustainable energy-future with our expertise and state-of-the-art technology solutions,” said Tamer Bayri, Head of Sales & Project Management Industrial Gases at MAN Energy Solutions. “Our compressor systems are designed to meet the demanding needs of crucial air-separation processes exactly like this one in Darrow.”


Commercial operations at Air Products' Clean Energy Complex are slated to begin in 2026.

“The technical features of MAN air-compressor trains make them ideal for air-separation applications; they help operators achieve maximum performance while reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact,” said Zoran Paunovic, Head of Sales & Project Management, Air Separation at MAN Energy Solutions. “We are able to provide two different types of compressors to meet the customer’s needs. The RIKT compressors feature an innovative impeller design that increases energy efficiency while reducing wear and tear on the unit. This design improves the compressor's overall performance and extends its service life, leading to greater reliability and lower maintenance costs, combined with a very compact design and small footprint. In contrast, the RG compressors are ideal for reaching different high-pressure demands by using different shaft speeds in order to run each impeller within the optimum efficiency point. In this way, energy consumption can be reduced while reaching maximum capacity.”