Lummus, Biohydrogen Technologies Partner for Blue Hydrogen Synthesis Project

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The business partnership aims to reduce carbon emissions through the development of synthesis gas reactor technology for the production of blue hydrogen.

Lummus Technology has announced the commencement of a renewable energy partnership with Biohydrogen Technologies to design and develop gas reactor technology that will be primarily used for the production of blue hydrogen. A provider of process technologies and energy solutions, Lummus’s Green Circle business unit will spearhead the gas plant design, reactor design, and proprietary equipment supply.

"As the world looks for solutions to generate significant quantities of hydrogen for energy use while lowering CO2 emissions, Lummus is proud to partner with Biohydrogen Technologies to address this critical challenge for our industry and society," said Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO of Lummus Technology. "By joining together, we will help further develop and deploy decarbonized solutions to the market."


This technology will allow for the large-scale production of blue hydrogen. Lummus’ energy solutions offer high thermal efficiency, low capital cost, a small footprint, and the ability to contain more than 99% CO2 at pressure.

"The combination of Biohydrogen Technologies Intellectual Property and Green Circle/Lummus Technology skills in design, engineering, and licensing will shortly allow bulk hydrogen production from natural gas with a thermal efficiency of 90% (LCV) and 99% CO2 capture to become a practical reality," said Geoff Weedon, CEO of Biohydrogen Technologies.