Lummus, NET Power Sign Supply Agreement for Heat Exchangers

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Lummus Technology will design and supply recuperative heat exchangers for NET Power’s carbon-free power generation process.

Lummus Technology has signed a strategic supply agreement to design, manufacture, and supply recuperative heat exchangers (HXR) for NET Power’s near-zero emissions power generation process. HXRs recover energy from the turboexpander exhaust and air separation unit to reheat recirculated CO2 during the power cycle.

"Lummus is proud to partner with NET Power, which has developed a way to efficiently and effectively produce electricity that is clean and economical," said Leon de Bruyn, President and CEO, Lummus Technology. "The NET Power cycle system combines seamlessly with our advanced heat exchanger technology to minimize energy consumption and carbon emissions. We look forward to working with NET Power to deliver low carbon power and help them expand their offering to consumers around the world."


Contracted as the licensed NET Power heat exchanger supplier, Lummus will provide HXR systems for the company’s utility-scale power plants. Upon completion of the front-end engineering design (FEED) for Project Permian, NET Power will issue a purchase order with Lummus for a utility-scale power plant in Texas. According to the agreement, Lummus will use its global supply chain network to boost the global HXR manufacturing capacity, allowing NET Power to deploy the technology at a large scale.

NET Power’s technology generates power while capturing most emissions with its proprietary oxy-fuel combustion and supercritical CO2 cycle. The company plans to deploy utility-scale plants to produce on-demand power at a lower cost and address issues regarding air quality and land use. The NET Power cycle reduces NOx emissions, SOx emissions, and CO2 emissions to near-zero.

"This strategic supply agreement marks a milestone in implementing NET Power's three-pillared strategy of proving our technology, building our backlog, and manufacturing for scale," said Brian Allen, President and COO of NET Power. "Lummus' expertise in licensed technology, as well as designing equipment for proprietary processes, makes them an ideal strategic supplier to enable NET Power to deliver the energy trifecta."