MAN Diesel & Turbo enters the Chinese market

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MAN Diesel & Turbo has made its entry into the Chinese market with the MGT gas turbine series. The Shanghai Aerospace Energy Corporation has chosen to procure four gas turbines of the MGT6200 series for the energy supply of an automotive plant.

The Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd. (SVW) will utilize four 6.9 MW gas turbines of the MGT6200 series in a cogeneration (CHP) system, thus generating low-emission electricity and process steam efficiently in the future for the expansion of its automotive production plant in the north-west of Shanghai.

Overall efficiency of 80 percent


With a mechanical efficiency rating of 34 percent, the MGT6200 is setting standards in the 6 MW output class. Each of the four gas turbines being manufactured by MAN at its German Oberhausen plant is expected to deliver 6.9MW of mechanical power and 13.9MW of thermal power at an overall level of efficiency of over 80 percent. It thus optimally utilizes the energy content of the natural gas used with convincingly low levels of pollutant emissions.

Konstantin Divivier, Vice President Gas Turbine Sales & Contracts said, "We can serve the Chinese market, which is booming in this output class in particular, with a modern, highly efficient gas turbine." SVW is thus actively supporting China’s endeavors to make the national economy more sustainable with this initiative.

Nadège Laurent, project manager for gas turbines at MAN Diesel & Turbo said “the market launch of the MGT6200 in China is an important step for us." A pertinent service concept accompanies the MGT launch in China. Dr Maik Tiedemann, head of MAN PrimeServ Turbomachinery, adds: "The service experts from our PrimeServ branch in Shanghai are available as local contacts to provide the OEM service of MAN PrimeServ."

Dr Sven-Hendrik Wiers, Vice President Gas Turbine Technology said, "With over 8,000 operating hours, the first MGT6200 machine for a customer that was commissioned at the end of the summer of 2013 is now a globally acknowledged reference." The development of the MGT6200 gas turbine was advanced under the auspices of the NRW Objective 2 Program 2007-2013 "Regional Competitiveness and Employment (ERDF)”.

The Chinese government only recently approved a program for the reduction of greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions. According to SAE, Chinese natural gas consumption will double by 2020 compared with 2013. Their forecasts indicate that consumption will reach 600 million cubic meters per year. With the governmental support, modern, decentralized power plants with cogeneration and gas turbines or motors are expected to gradually replace inefficient, outdated coal-fired plants.