MAN Energy Provides Front-End Design for Methanation Reactor

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The reactor will be installed at the 200 MW plant in Kristinestad, Finland to convert electricity into synthetic natural gas (SNG) for heavy transport decarbonization.

MAN Energy Solutions was commissioned by Koppo Energia for the front-end engineering design (FEED) of a methanation reactor. The reactor will be installed at a 200 MW power-to-X plant set to be built in Kristinestad, Finland. The plant will convert green electricity into SNG and green hydrogen.

“MAN Energy Solutions is already a power-to-X pioneer in Europe,” said Norbert Anger, site manager at MAN Energy Solutions Deggendorf. “Back in 2012, we commissioned the methanation reactor for what was, at that time, Europe’s largest power-to-gas plant with 6 MW in Werlte, Germany. I am proud that our proven reactor solution is now planned to be used on an industrial scale. We urgently need synthetic fuels in large quantities if the decarbonization of global supply chains is to succeed.”

The completed Kristinestad plant will convert 200 MW of electricity., largely produced by wind power, into hydrogen via electrolysis, and into SNG using methanation. Turbines generate electricity to be converted into hydrogen through the process of electrolysis, forming a gas that is prepared to be liquefied via a reactor. Green hydrogen is then processed through methanation and transformed into a liquid form of SNG. This SNG will be applied to Europe’s heavy-duty transport sector for the purposes of decarbonization.


MAN Energy Solutions will provide the specifications and initial design of the FEED of the methanation reactor, which is estimated to produce 55,000 metric tons of SNG per year. Koppo Energia expects the reactor system to be ordered and delivered in 2024.

The planned power-to-X plant will join Koppo Energia’s energy portfolio, which includes the additional development of up to 500 MW of wind power and 100 MW of photovoltaic power. These parallel development projects will supply the power-to-X plant with renewable energy following its construction.

Koppo Energia is comprised of two German-based companies in the alternative energy industry: Prime Capital and CPC Finland, a subsidiary of CPC Germania. Prime Capital is an asset manager for renewable energy projects, and CPC Finland serves as a green power producer and project developer.