MAN Energy Solutions, Svitzer to Test 175DF-M Engine on Newbuild Tug

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A methanol-fueled variant of the MAN 175D engine and plant equipment will be installed on a Svitzer newbuild tug as part of an upcoming field-test agreement between the companies.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by MAN Energy Solutions and Svitzer will focus on the development of a methanol version of the MAN 175D engine—the 175DF-M (dual-fuel methanol)—and finalize the field-test agreement in which the engine and plant equipment will be installed on a newbuild tug constructed by Svitzer.

“We are very happy to enter into this agreement with such a high-profile operator as Svitzer,” said Ben Andres, Head of Medium- and High-Speed, MAN Energy Solutions. “We are convinced that Svitzer is the right partner to start this common project with because we both have highly ambitious goals for decarbonization and to maximally reduce our CO2 footprint. We therefore welcome this excellent opportunity to continue our cooperation with such an important 175D customer and look forward to the benefits it will bring for both parties.”


In 2023, Svitzer also ordered MAN Energy’s 175D engines for its new TRAnsverse tug model, with this new MoU building on the companies’ previous technology collaborations and testing. The next phase of the partnership, prior to signing the field-test agreement, will outline specifics regarding the fuel-supply system, engine-room design, exhaust after-treatment, and engine-performance optimization.

“At Svitzer, we’ve set ambitious yet realistic, long-term targets to decarbonize our operations. In 2023 alone, we reduced the CO2 intensity of our global fleet by 24% and we’re committed to making further progress through the use of low-carbon fuels like methanol, innovative engine technologies, and continuous changes of behavior,” said Kasper Karlsen, Chief Operating Officer at Svitzer. “The MoU signed with MAN represents an exciting opportunity to jointly secure valuable field experience focusing on the use of dual-fuel methanol engines within our fleet.”

According to a previous announcement made in November 2023, MAN Energy’s 175DF-M engine is scheduled for commercial availability by the end of 2026. The design is a high-speed engine capable of operating on methanol fuel and will be available in newbuild or retrofit configuration. It is a product focused on maritime propulsion, equipped with dual-fuel port fuel injection (PFI) technology that is currently undergoing development and validation on two- and four-stroke engines.

The goal of MAN Energy’s PFI technology development is to achieve a high methanol share across a wide power range, as well as maintaining high cylinder outputs within a high-speed engine class. The integration of PFI and the use of biofuels, such as methanol, will ensure that the 175DF-M emits a zero-carbon footprint while maintaining full fuel flexibility.

“Based on numerous exchanges with customers, we came to the conclusion that the dual-fuel principle, reliability, efficiency, a high methanol share, competitive life-cycle costs and maximum achievable output were key requirements for the 175DF-M’s development. Therefore, after conscientious investigation and consideration, we settled upon the PFI combustion technology as the most favorable,” said Florian Keiler, Head of High Speed, MAN Energy Solutions. “Fundamental combustion development will start in 2024, leading up to a first field-test of the methanol engine in 2026. The MAN 175DF-M engine will subsequently be ready for sales release at the end of 2026.”