MAN Energy Solutions to Supply 49/60 Marine Engines for Dutch Dredger

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Royal Boskalis B.V. granted a contract to MAN Energy for the delivery of three MAN 49/60 engines for a Dutch trailing suction hopper dredger.

MAN Energy Solutions has been granted a contract from Royal Boskalis B.V.—a Dutch dredging and marine services company—for the supply of three MAN 49/60 medium-speed engines. The marine engines will be installed on Royal Boskalis’ 31,000 m3 trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD).

“This first order by a well-established customer in a demanding application is a significant next step towards becoming a widely applied marine engine,” said Marita Krems, Senior Vice President, Head of Four-Stroke Marine & License. “The 49/60 will help pave the decarbonization path towards meeting future legislation by its ability to switch to renewable fuels such as e-methanol and biofuels.”

Each 49/60 engine comes equipped with an exhaust-gas after-treatment system that ensures IMO tier III compliance. The after-treatment solution is a MAN low-pressure selective catalytic reduction (LP-SCR) system. This newbuilding will be constructed at Royal IHC’s Krimpen aan den IJssel shipyard and is expected to enter commercial service in mid-2026.


The TSHD will be diesel-electric powered with two Azipods to permit vessel operation at shallow draught. Major drives, including the thrusters and dredge pump, will be electrically driven and controlled by frequency converters, which allows each system to operate at the desired speed and power. Asymmetric load-sharing results in optimal load distribution across the diesel gensets with low fuel consumption and increased maneuverability.

MAN Energy’s BV-class main diesel engines are capable of operating on either conventional or sustainable fuels. In addition, the dual fuel engines will be delivered methanol ready and capable of meeting NOx tier III emission standards. The engines maintain high efficiency at all times and there is no fuel penalty when operating the SCR system, primarily due to the lower temperatures the system can operate within.

The MAN 49/60 engine features a high power-per-cylinder of 1,300 kW, which reduces the number of installed cylinders required to meet customer power demands. Although the TSHD installation only requires the six-cylinder model, the engine can accommodate up to 10 cylinders for ships typically powered by V-engines. The 49/60 also comes in variants of 12 and 14 cylinders.

“The solution we are delivering is reliable, efficient, flexible and meets the highest emission standards,” said Christian Kamm, Sales Manager Marine Europe, MAN Energy Solutions. “It combines green shipping of the future with innovative technologies to make shipping more environmentally friendly. This vessel marks a significant step in making Boskalis’ dredging fleet more sustainable.”