MAN Energy solutions wins the "Africa Europe Award"

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MAN Energy Solutions won the "Africa Europe Award 2019". Marc Grünewald, Vice President at MAN Energy Solutions, accepted the award on the evening of May 28 in Frankfurt. The ceremony was held at the invitation of Peter Feldmann, Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main, in the "Kaisersaal" room of the Römer city hall.

The "Africa Europe Award" is part of "Africa Europe Week", an event which is being held this year for the first time by the Maleki Corporate Group consultancy firm in partnership with the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the World Bank Group. The award was the event organizers' way of recognizing MAN Energy Solutions' efforts in promoting German-African economic relations and establishing a sustainable and efficient local power supply on the continent.

The congratulatory speech was given by Stefan Liebing, CEO of the Conjuncta GmbH investment and consulting firm and Chairman of the Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. German-African business association: "The continent of Africa remains uncharted territory for many German companies. By contrast, MAN Energy Solutions has been active in more than 30 African countries for over half a century now with its power plant projects and has achieved a power generation capacity of more than 3.2 gigawatts. This technology plays an important role in growing the economy and creating prosperity in these countries. In many African countries, supplying the population with electricity remains one of the most urgent challenges. One example which deserves special mention at this point is the "Maria Gleta" gas-fired power plant in Cotonou, which has resulted in MAN Energy Solutions more than doubling Benin's capacity to generate power. This means that the country is no longer dependent on energy imports."


"The African continent holds huge potential for growth and development," states Grünewald. "At the same time, the political situation in many countries doesn't always make things easy for foreign companies. But we shouldn't let that discourage us, as the future lies in Africa. By 2050, it will be home to 25% of the world's population. And also with regard to the international community's objective to be climate-neutral by 2050, African countries can and must play a crucial part, for example in generating renewable energy and producing synthetic fuels. Both of these issues are of huge strategic importance for us as a company as well. This is why, in future, we will continue to work towards a sustainable energy supply and a good partnership with Africa using our products and solutions."

MAN Energy Solutions is involved in many power plant projects in Africa and has branches in Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria. The company is currently building plants in Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Gambia, Nigeria and Sudan.