MHI Compressor International Corporation opens new Gulf Coast centrifugal compressor test stand

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MHI Compressor International Corporation (MCI-C), a manufacturer of compressors, steam turbines and associated auxiliary systems, launched a new performance test stand for API617 centrifugal compressor testing in Houston.

MHI-C will be the only centrifugal compressor OEM in the region with these performance testing capabilities. The new test stand conducts PTC 10 Type 2 performance testing and mechanical running tests on small to mid-size compressors, for the oil and gas, fertilizer, methanol and other industries. As the only OEM to have a compressor test stand performing PTC 10 Type 2 testing in the Gulf Coast region, MHI-C will be able to manufacture, assemble and test exclusively within the U.S.

The location is significant because more than 90% of MHI-C's customers are located within a 300 mile radius of the facility. U.S. customers may see shorter project lead times, allowing for quicker time to market. Customers will be able to minimize schedule risks due to simplified logistics to site for installation and commissioning. They will also be able to receive a more timely and comprehensive explanation of shop test results and will benefit from the ability to witness shop tests close to home – lowering costs involved in traveling nationally or internationally to witness inspections and tests.


The first test stand demonstration test was successfully completed in June, 2020. The test stand includes closed loop system, double ended motor drive, multiple gearboxes and associated auxiliaries that are capable of testing small-to-medium sized horizontally split and barrel compressors.